Delubac Asset Management, the WIOF Investment Manager of the WIOF GlobalStrategy Risk 14% Portfolio, WIOF Global Strategy Alpha Portfolio and WIOF NewGlobal Equity Markets Risk 18% Portfolio has been awarded a Bronze Trophy by theFrench financial weekly „Le Revenu“ for the best global equity fund rangeover 3 years.

After having been awarded Gold Laurels in 2006 and Silver Laurels in2007 by another French financial magazine, Investir for the best fund of fundsover 5 years i.e. in a bull market run, this new prize in a bear market is onethat is very much appreciated as it highlights the InvestmentManager’s capacity to deliver better relative performance in both phases.

WIOF would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Delubac AssetManagement on its success and that may it continue to build on this into thefuture. For more information on Delubac Asset Management please go to http: www.delubac-am.com