WORLD INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES FUNDS (The “Company”) Sociétéd’investissement à capital variable Registered office: 11, rue Aldringen,L-1118 Luxembourg R.C.S. Luxembourg B-68.606

Notice to Shareholders of World Investment Opportunities Funds

Dear Shareholders,

You are hereby informed of the following changes:

1 Target fund investments

The general principle shall be integrated into the Prospectus according towhich a Sub-Fund may not invest more than 10% of its assets in units of otherUCI or UCITS unless otherwise provided for in the Prospectus for a givenSub-Fund. The changes under this point 2 will become effective as of May11th, 2009.

2 Changes in minimum amounts

The Company informs you that the minimum redemption and the minimum holdinglevel shall amount to EUR 200 or equivalent in any subscription or redemptioncurrency acceptable to the SICAV as specified in the Prospectus. The changesunder this point 3 will become effective as of May 11th, 2009.

A new version of the prospectus can be obtained at the registered office ofthe Company

Luxembourg, May 11th, 2009.

World Investment Opportunities Funds