Given the current difficult business environment Julius Baer achieved a goodnet profit of CHF 852 million in 2008. With a 13.6% BIS Tier 1 ratio, JuliusBaer continues to enjoy a strong capital base – Record inflows in PrivateBanking (CHF +17bn), significant outflows in Asset Management(CHF –27bn).

All businesses within the Julius Baer Group contributed positively to thisresult and continues to enjoy a solid balance sheet with low leverage and a verystrong capital base. The asset management industry faced a challengingenvironment, particularly following market turmoil in September, with privateand retail clients effectively shunning any perceived risk asset. However thanksto its sophisticated risk management and manager due diligence processes, theGroup avoided the market’s major casualties and, significantly, maintainedclient liquidity, thereby positioning the firm to benefit strongly upon renewedclient demand.

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