Global Finance decorated RZB and Raiffeisen International with theprestigious award for the entire region. Country awards were given to theNetwork Banks in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovakia.

Renowned Global Finance magazine awarded the title „Best Bank in Centraland Eastern Europe 2007“ to Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG (RZB)together with Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding AG for the sixth timealready. In addition, the Network Banks in Albania (Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a),Bosnia and Herzegovina (Raiffeisen Bank d.d. Bosna i Hercegovina), Serbia(Raiffeisen banka a.d.) and Slovakia (Tatra banka a.s.) received the title„Best Bank“ in their local markets.

Global Finance editors – with input from industry analysts, corporateexecutives and banking consultants – selected the winners by the followingdecision criteria: growth in assets, profitability, strategic relationships,customer service, competitive pricing, and innovative products. The list of„The World's Best Emerging Markets Banks“ will be published in themagazine's May 2008 issue.

„This award is yet another independent acknowledgement of our quality andexpertise. Our strategic approach and success in Central and Eastern Europe isonce more validated by Global Finance's deco­ration, which seamlessly fitsinto a row of awards, we were proud to receive in the past“, WalterRothensteiner, RZB's CEO and Raiffeisen International's Su­pervisory BoardChairman said, referring to the fact that Raiffeisen was already awarded withsuch commendations by other magazines in the past.

„Raiffeisen International is a strong and reliable banking partner in CEE.Our sales network comprises more than 3,000 business outlets in17 CEE-markets. No other international bank in the region offers such afar-reaching and closely-knit network. I'm proud that our good reputation ishonoured by both our customers and the international media,“ Herbert Stepic,CEO of Raiffeisen International and Deputy Chairman of RZB, said.

„Emerging markets are attracting increased attention as the global economyexpands“, Joseph D. Giarraputo, editor and publisher of Global Finance said.„We have identified the banks that provide service to corporations seeking totake advantage of substantial opportunities for growth in a sometimeschallenging environment.“ The magazine, which publishes for 21 years now, hasmore than 280,000 readers in over 158 countries. It especially aims atportfolio investors and financial analysts.

The Network Banks in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia receivedawards as „Best Bank“ in their local markets already for the fifthconsecutive time – Slovakia for the seventh time in the bank's history.

Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a. continues to be Albania's number-one bank with abalance-sheet total of more than 1.8 billion euros as of 30 September2007. Its more than 530,000 customers are serviced through 95 businessoutlets.

Raiffeisen Bank d.d. Bosna i Hercegovina managed to increase itsbalance-sheet total by 20 per cent to 1.9 billion euros at the end of thethird quarter 2007. It has a market share of over 20 per cent and servicesalmost 700,000 customers via 89 business outlets.

Raiffeisen banka a.d., the first foreign bank after the political changes inthe autumn 2000, began operations in 2001 and has been Serbia's largest banksince November 2004. At the end of the third quarter 2007 the bank had abalance-sheet total of 2.5 billion euros and its almost 500,000 customers areserviced via a local network of 80 business outlets.

Tatra banka a.s., the third-largest bank in Slovakia, increased itsbalance-sheet total by 15 per cent to 7 billion euros in first three quartersof 2007. The bank steers 150 business outlets and services more than680,000 customers.

Raiffeisen International operates one of the largest banking networks in CEE.17 markets of Europe's growth region are covered by subsidiary banks, financeleasing companies, a representative office and a number of other financialservice providers. Over 13 million customers are attended to through more than3,000 business outlets. Raiffeisen International is a fully consolidatedsubsidiary of Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG (RZB), which owns 68.5 percent of the common stock. The balance is free float, the shares are traded onthe Vienna Stock Exchange. RZB is a leading corporate and investment bank inAustria and the central institution of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group,the country's largest banking group.