Compared against 23 other similar style funds from both domestic andinternational investment managers the WIOF Balanced Euro fund is top ofthe class.

Once again the WIOF Balanced Euro fund is the top performer in its sector inthe Czech Republic. The fund has outperformed all it rivals in the majority ofcategories. The fund posted the best 3 month and 1 year performance as well asrecording the lowest volatility rate per annum.

The fund recorded a 1 year return of 8.01% (as of 24/09/04) and isconsistently rated in the top quartile of the funds in the same sector in theCzech Republic.

The WIOF Balanced Euro fund invests into a diversified portfolio of bonds(40%) and equities (60%) mainly denominated in EURO but some into bondsdenominated in other currencies. Unigestion is an independent asset managementcompany with EUR 100 Million shareholder equity. It manages in excess of EUR3.5 Billion as of 31 December 2003. Unigestion are among the world leaders inalternative investment management, hedge funds and private equity.

Data source – Fondshop 20/2004