The WSF Reliance Global Shariah Growth Fund is one of the world’s top two global equity funds, new figures have shown.

The Fund, managed by Shariah investment specialists Reliance Asset Management (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“RAMMy”),  was ranked second out of more than 350 global equity funds for its performance over the last year, the independent financial news and investment agency Citywire Money has reported.

According to figures from the Lipper global fund ranking agency, the Fund had a total return of 12.6% (GBP Class A) for the last year up to July 31. It also had total returns of more than 13% in the last quarter alone.

The news comes just weeks after international fund ratings agency Morningstar also released data showing the Fund’s global outperformance.

The Fund, which outperformed 100% of its peers in 2011 in Morningstar’s Global Category – Islamic Global Equity, continued its stunning performance in 2012, beating 98% of its peers year to date (as of 31.05.2012) in Morningstar’s Global Category - Global Equity.

For more information please follow this link: http://www.citywire.co.uk/fund/shariah-reliance-global-growth/c274868?section=money