The WSF Reliance Global Shariah Growth Fund has continued to outperform its global peers after becoming the world’s best performing Islamic global equity fund last year, new figures from international fund ratings agency Morningstar have shown.


The Fund, managed by Shariah investment specialists Reliance Asset Management (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“RAMMy”), outperformed 100% of its peers in 2011 in Morningstar’s Global Category – Islamic Global Equity.

And it has continued its stunning performance in 2012, beating 98% of its peers year to date (as of 31.05.2012).

The Fund – which has been among the top 2% of Shariah funds in the same Morningstar category since its inception in 2010 – has also confirmed its quality by repeatedly outperforming thousands of non-Shariah global equity funds.

The Fund has outperformed 98% of peers year to date (as of 31.05.2012) in Morningstar’s Global Category - Global Equity and its exceptional performance has ranked it in the top 2% of all global equity funds since its inception, according to Morningstar.

The Fund’s performance underlines the overall potential of Shariah funds as the Islamic finance industry continues to grow.


Ian Lancaster, portfolio manager for the WSF Reliance Global Shariah Growth Fund, said: “Shariah-compliant investing is not only for Muslims. It is suitable for any investor who holds strong social ethics, i.e. does not want to invest in the alcohol, gambling or tobacco sectors, is sceptical about the value added to society by the conventional banking system, and who wishes to invest in companies that are conservatively financed with low levels of debt.

“Shariah equities offer access to a universe of financially conservative companies that have delivered good historic investment returns at relatively low levels of volatility. We believe such attributes have the potential to enhance any investor’s portfolio, particularly in the current economic climate.”


To download a detailed report on the WSF Reliance Global Shariah Growth Fund’s performance please go to: WSF Reliance Shariah Performance Comparison 2012 05