C-QUADRAT generated the best net profit result in its corporate history

C-QUADRAT Investment, an independent European Asset Manager, can look back onthe most successful year since its establishment in 1991. In 2006, operatingincome rose by 32.7 % to EUR 40.9 million and earnings before taxes (EBT) roseby 44.7 % to EUR 5.9 million. As a result, net income after taxes increasedsignificantly, i.e. by 58.0% to EUR 4.7 million. In compliance with IFRSstandards, these figures do not include the net profit of the VPM/Absolute PlusGroup, since it was acquired near the end of the financial year.

In 2007, is C-QUADRAT expecting this positive trend to continue because ofthe continued development and expansion on markets in Germany and EasternEurope. The corporate data available so far show a correspondingly positivedevelopment for the first months of the new financial year. C-QUADRAT –“The Fund Company” – is an independent Asset Manager that is activethroughout Europe. Founded in 1991, the company has had its own capitalinvestment company with a banking license since 2003 and has been listed on theFrankfurt Stock Exchange’s Prime Standard since November 2006. With itsasset management activities, its analyses and management of investment funds,and its structured products, the C-QUADRAT team has already made a name foritself in Europe. Many internationally operating banks, insurance companies andfinancial companies rely on C-QUADRAT’s exper­tise.

Source: http://www.c-quadrat.at/