WIOF is delighted to announce that Nord Europe Private Bank S.A andC-QUADRAT Kapitalanlage AG became one of WIOF professional investment FundManagers as of 9 March 2007.

Nord Europe Private Bank S.A currently manages range of 15 WIOF Sub-Funds.Nord Europe Private Bank based in Luxembourg is part of the French Banking groupCrédit Mutuel Nord Europe and acts as the Asset Manager for its Private Bankingactivities. Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe has been rated A+/ A-1 by Standard &Poor’s, with a stable and long term perspective.

C-QUADRAT Kapitalanlage AG (“C-QUADRAT”) a new asset manager of Sub-fundWIOF EURO International Bond is an independent European Asset Manager. Thecompany is entirely free to make its own decisions and constantly seeks to findthe best solutions for its clients. It has two business segments: assetmanagement with a focus on funds of funds and brokerage and advisory servicessuch as the design and marketing of structured financial products and fundbrokerage.