The WIOF-STRATEGIE KONTO SCHWEIZ is a Sub-Fund in the Luxembourg-registeredWorld Investment Opportunities Funds – an investment fund family incorporatedin the common form of a Société d’Investissement ` a Capital Variable, orSICAV, for short.

The responsibility for the management of the Subfund’s inves­tments restsin the hands of the asset manager: Private Bank Ltd., Zurich. As a Swiss assetmanager we in AIG PB know what investors want. That’s why the core idea ofour WIOF-STRATEGIE KONTO SCHWEIZ finance concept is “Wealth with security”.Your objective is precisely the same as that of the asset manager. The aim is tosecure and grow the assets entrusted to us over the long term. The financialspecialists will therefore ensure that your capital is invested exclusively infunds with prospects of success.