 Multi-management  Choice of subscription currency  Choice ofcharging structure  Following your investment  Free switching after threeyears  Ease of redemption  Tax Efficiency

 Multi-management – the main difference in WIOF compared with the otherinvestment fund products that may be offered in your marketplace  Choice ofsubscription currency – no extra individual foreign exchange costs for you topay directly on subscriptions or redemptions  Choice of chargingstructure – construct your own portfolio and pay your charges up front, orinvest into a Strategy Sub-Fund where the entry charges are usually zero Following your investment – our centralised Marketing and Processing Centreis dedicated to provide you with a high standard of service after you haveinvested, in order for you to follow the progress of your investment. You canask for an annual Investment Statement and you can find the latest share pricesand download the up-to-date fact sheet about your investment fund at any time.Go to www.wiof-funds.com and follow theinstructions on how to get the information you want.  Free switching afterthree years (Subject to the specific conditions for each Sub-Fund as describedin the prospectus) – It is possible to switch your investments around to takeadvantage of other opportunities within the WIOF Sub-Funds as they presentthemselves. If you switch after three years from the date of your initialinvestment there is no charge. You may switch before three years subject to acharge of 0.50% of the value of the shares switched, with a maximum charge of anequivalent of US$ 50.  Ease of redemption – your investment in WIOF isreadily available and liquid in case of need, subject to a delay of five workingdays from the date we receive your order to redeem your shares.  TaxEfficiency – Investors benefit from the fact that under current taxregulations WIOF is not subject to any income or capital taxes inLuxembourg.