The following is a guide to help you decide which Strategy Sub-Fund bestsuits your needs and financial objectives.

The Strategy Sub-Funds are sophisticated structures incorporatingcost-effective management and portfolio administration techniques. Thesestructures blend together the professional capabilities of the WIOF investmentspecialists to create diverse, multi-manager, multi-style portfolios. The assetallocation is conducted by the investment manager of the WIOF StrategySub-Funds.

The following is a guide to help you decide which Strategy Sub-Fund bestsuits your needs and financial objectives. More details can be found in theseparate Strategy Sub-Funds brochure and the fact sheets. Of course you arestrongly recommended to speak to your financial adviser before making anydecisions about your investment strategy.

Strategy Sub-Funds where the level of risk is controlled for you. Theseportfolios endeavour to control the level of risk that you take with yourinvestments to give you peace of mind:

 WIOF Conservative Risk 3 % Portfolio  WIOF Balanced Risk 7 %Portfolio  WIOF Dynamic Risk 10 % Portfolio

Strategy Sub-Funds which follow the “stars”. These portfolios areconstructed with limitations that they must allocate at least 75% of their netassets to the WIOF investment managers who have an historical investmentperformance which has received an award of 3, 4 or 5 stars (5 stars being themaximum rating possible) from one of the main fund rating agencies – Standard& Poors or Morningstar – for a publicly available investment fundfollowing similar investment strategy within the last twelve months:

 WIOF Global Strategy II Portfolio  WIOF Global Strategy IIIPortfolio

Strategy Sub-Funds which carry a “home” country bias. These portfoliosare designed to have a bias towards the home country or region of the investor.We recognise that investors often feel more comfortable with an investment inthe country or region that they know best – their home market. We haveconstructed Investment Portfolio Sub-funds which carry an overweight position inthe country or region that is represented by the name of the portfolio. So ifyou feel more comfortable investing partly at home and partly abroad then thisportfolio strategy is for you.

 WIOF CEE International Portfolio (designed for investors in CzechRepublic, and Slovakia)  WIOF Global Strategy I Portfolio (designed forinvestors in the Baltic region)  WIOF Greece-Cyprus International Portfolio(designed for investors in Cyprus)  WIOF Poland Balanced World Portfolio(designed for investors in Poland)  WIOF Slovenia International Portfolio(designed for investors in Slovenia)

Strategy Sub-Funds with a currency/region bias. These two portfolios investmore than 75% of their net assets in the region and currency referred to in thename of the relevant Sub-Fund.

 WIOF American Portfolio  WIOF European Portfolio

Strategy Sub-Funds that are designed for longer term investments. Thefollowing two Strategy Sub-Funds are designed for an investment of ten years ormore. If you are an investor who is patient and you understand that markets gothrough cycles when the returns can be negative as well as positive, then yourpatience might well be rewarded when you invest for at least ten years in one ofthe following Strategy Sub-Funds.

 WIOF Retirement Portfolio  WIOF Strategie Konto Schweiz Portfolio