Advantages of Lifestyle Account

Key benefits: 

  • Portfolio management based on active risk management - Investment with an actively managed risk shall enable you to maintain the investment risk at the level that respects your risk profile all the time.
  • Capital protection by means of a gradual profit lock-in - The Lifestyle account shall fulfil three basic functions: accumulation of means, efficient valuation and capital protection by means of a profit lock-in.
  • Portfolio diversification with focusing on exotic markets - With the Lifestyle account you can spread your regular investment throughout the world.
  • Sophisticated selection of investment instruments - Selection of financial instruments shall be based on proper investment analysis performed in cooperation with¬†reputable consulting companies.
  • Stabilization by means of fixed income instruments - The Lifestyle account offers multiple protection against investment risk.
  • Variability and flexibility - The regular investment programme shall enable the investor to select the payment method for the front-end investment, the amount of the regular investment, the investment period and the frequency.