Every one of our clients is assigned a personal Cornhill Adviser to provide advice and guidance based on your unique circumstances.

Once you and your Cornhill Adviser have established and agreed your objectives, a strategy to maximize growth potential will be proposed. Only when you are totally comfortable and in agreement with the strategy will it be enacted.

Your Cornhill Adviser will then monitor, analyse and evaluate the investment markets and any factors that may affect the performance of your investment as a whole. This is undertaken to ensure that you are in the right strategies to take best advantage of emerging trends and opportunities essential to sustaining and growing your wealth.



To ensure that you are fully cognisant of market conditions, we encourage frequent contact with your Cornhill Adviser however the level of support and frequency of contact is up to you.

We also recognise that the nature of investing has become more complicated and opaque and we understand that you may want more in-depth information on the micro and macro factors affecting your investments.

This is why we provide unparalleled access to our team of financial analysts and even the individual fund managers who will be investing your money should you require a more in-depth view of current and future market developments. Such access is designed to provide you with a greater degree of confidence in times of both market volatility and opportunity.



We recognise that there are many options available to those with money to invest. We are also highly aware that the best relationships in business are those built on strong personal connections – the Cornhill Management Advisory Service team are therefore committed to developing and maintaining robust, lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. By definition then ours is an ongoing service, one which enables investment strategies to be modified to take into account changing personal or financial circumstances.



All Cornhill Management Advisory Service clients receive monthly market updates and quarterly portfolio reports.